Since 2015, when our adventure with the industry began, we have noticed that regardless of the type of industry, in each case, there is a high potential for heat and water recovery with their simultaneous conversion into an applicable form. Our experience with various industries in various locations around the world has increasingly convinced us that rising prices of energy and water can be compensated by their recovery, which often results in reduced costs of energy, water, and waste disposal. In 2020, we started activities related exclusively to water recovery and disinfection technologies, which, from the beginning of 2023, were expanded to include consulting in the field of waste heat recovery.


Recent years have proven that there is a high potential for water recovery, which allows for a significant reduction in the costs of purchasing water from the network and the costs of sewage disposal. One of the projects in which we designed the water recovery process convinced us of this because the client was able to reduce the costs of water purchase by 60% while minimizing losses related to sewage disposal by 50%


The same applies to processes based on the use or production of heat, which can be recovered and used as a power source for absorption cooling systems, thanks to which the waste becomes the primary source of power for cooling devices, which significantly reduces electricity consumption.



The more water is recovered and reused in technological processes, the less water will be withdrawn from the source. This will reduce the costs of obtaining water, as will the costs of sewage disposal. This will have a direct impact on reducing environmental pollution from compounds that enter rivers, groundwater, and oceans. In the case of regions that rely on obtaining water in the desalination process, recovery will allow for reducing the rate of salinity increase while limiting significant amounts of electricity and heat used in the reverse osmosis and evaporative processes. Water, once desalinated, can be purified with much lower energy input than the input required to desalinate seawater. 


In the same way, we can recover significant amounts of waste heat from production processes and reuse them to produce cold, thanks to which significant amounts of electricity and, consequently, the use of fossil fuels, which are still the primary source of energy production, will be significantly reduced.

Why do we believe that water and energy recovery is the key?

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