We analyze existing energy systems regarding the efficiency of cooling and heating energy production and possible water consumption, providing solutions that significantly reduce energy and water losses.


Through consulting activities, we offer you a value that will overcome the costs of consulting services shortly.

Energy & Water Efficiency Consulting


How does it work ?

1. We are setting up an online meeting to discuss your project and understand your situation better.


2. We prepare a summary of our discussion as a report that describes your actual situation and possible solutions in a general way.


3. When we agree that we are on the same page, we will present the commercial proposal. From that point, we can start auditing your system while asking more detailed questions about your process/system.


4. The result of our work - report - will be presented to you online or in person. At that point, you will get all the technical and economical aspects of your process/system improvement possibilities. 


5. If you decide to proceed with the investment into process/system upgrade, we will support you with equipment sourcing, and we will offer project management if that is required. Our report not only shows how you can make improvements but also suggests where you can find accurate equipment necessary for project accomplishment. 


6. Ultimately, we can support you with the commissioning phase and after-sales support.


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