Flow Harvest Strategic Goals are:

• Developing technologies that will solve many challenges related to energy and water consumption as well as the quality of production (industrial, food).

• Limitation and reduction of groundwater and surface water contamination with organic compounds, micro-plastics, toxins, and pharmaceutical substances.

• Maximizing access to water free from contaminants and pathogens

• Improving the energy efficiency of plants/units producing electricity, heat, and cooling

• Improving the Efficiency of the Power Storage Process

• Improving the energy efficiency of systems producing drinking water and industrial/technological wastewater treatment with the possibility of reusing them

• Reduction of water losses during evaporative water/air cooling processes


• Maximizing the % reuse of heat energy and water within the industry

• Education aimed at equipping students, graduates, PhD students with tools related to the design and construction of "products" that solve real problems, resulting in financial and environmental profits

• Reaching out to school and high school youth in order to prepare them to enter adult professional life in an entrepreneurial way, with a goal of making a real contribution to improving the quality of life of current and future generations.

• Building subsidiaries of universities or research and development centers within which research and development teams operate in the field of the technologies mentioned above.

• Industrialization of solutions developed by teams within companies

• Blurring economic differences by equipping young people from poor social groups with tools that allow them to develop intellectually and economically through the development of technology.

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